Students should have an opportunity to coach

Anthony Hodge

Colleges should start a student-coach program for aspiring coaches so students who are interested could get hands-on coaching experience.

 This could help coaches to take care of assignments that they are too busy to do, such as running drills or filing papers.

This program would be an athletic class.

First-year students would take a lecture class on each sport to not only know every sport, but to help those who are confused as to which sport the individual would be interested in.

This would also give each student a chance to learn each rule of the game.

Students who take continuation class would be able to be an assistant coach for whatever sport they desire to coach.

This program could include doing some type of internships or being an assistant coach for whatever position is available.

The first-year course would be a three-unit course and would be a prerequisite class to move on to the next course.

The continuation course would also be a three-unit course and could be taken a maximum of two semesters.