Sports are used to help people from rough backgrounds

Melissa Maestro

So many people from rough backgrounds use sports as an outlet as opposed to other options such as arts.

Frustration and unhappiness flows through everyone’s veins once in a while, but, for some, it is more common.

People grow up in many different environments, with different situations, around negative people and that puts them in bad situations.

With all of the tough times going around people get distracted by the challenges that are brought to them while the rest of their world is crumbling before them.

That can bring many different ideas to a person’s mind; it’s just a matter how they react to it.

There are many people who have come from negative surroundings and have made it big.

Just because life is hard, it doesn’t mean there isn’t any hope.

But then there are those who do not have the talent it takes to write a book, or create a song but they have speed, strength, and motivation that it takes it takes to be a great athlete.

Perhaps that is why more people move towards athletics as opposed to arts, because anyone can play in sports as long as that person has the will power.

You can create the strength that you need to be an athlete.

By joining a sports team, a person has guidance that comes from the coach, and encouragement to continue and do better that comes from other teammates.

They create their own little family as a team, giving them someone to talk to, and depend on.

A positive surrounding that pushes them to do better and increases not only their physical strength, but their mental strength, as well.

They do better in school and have a better outlook when going home.

School is, by far, the best way to improve life, because the education you receive can get you far.

Sports can help get their athletes through that because of the scholarships they offer.

Scholarships are the most common way to improve someone’s life because they provide free schooling at universities and encourage athletes to continue doing good, and they give them hope.

Frustration isn’t the only thing that gets to people, anger is also a factor; with anger comes violence.

Violence would probably be my main focus, because sports play a big role in preventing violence.

To be an athlete it requires body movement that helps relieve stress, and distracts people from the reason they were angry in the first place.

That way, violence is prevented and that gives that person time to calm down and the reason for being mad in the first place then becomes unimportant.