Filo wants to make a name for himself on the field

Melissa Maestro

Upcoming freshman, defensive lineman Filo Fonoti, brother of former Cerritos offensive lineman Fou Fonoti, is fighting for a spot so he can start with the Falcons next season.   

The Mayfair High school football standout was recruited by defensive line coach Mark Schulist to play for Cerritos.

While still in high school, Fonoti attends spring ball practices with the team so he can get a head start before summer practices begin.

“I think this benefits me in a lot of ways, they’re only trying to make me better and that’s what I am thankful for,” he said. 

According to Fonoti, his older brother Fou had nothing to do with the coach’s interest in him, it was mere talent that caught their eye.

Head Coach Frank Mazzota is also preparing for next season, and is pleased with his new group of freshmen that will be joining the Falcons next season, Fonoti being one of them.

“Filo is here and he is an exceptional young man. He is a big time recruit,” Mazzota said.

Fonoti does not plan on always being known as “Fou’s brother;” he is going to make his own name for himself.

He said, “So far, it has been a pleasure playing with these guys, just trying to outdo my older brother Fou.”