Falcons win two of three at the Santa Barbara Tournament


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The Cerritos College women’s basketball team (4-2) won two out of its three games at the Santa Barbara Tournament Thursday through Saturday.

The Falcons lost to Grossmont College 56-53 on Thursday.

The following two days, the Falcons beat Riverside Community College 84-61, and beat San Diego Mesa College 72-60.

Sophomore forward Andrina Rendon scored 22 points against San Diego Mesa College, as well as scoring 17 points against RCC, and scored nine points against Grossmount College.

“We just need to work on some things as a team such as rebounding and talking, and getting used to playing together,” Rendon said.

She also talked about the team’s chemistry.

“We’re getting there, we’re still working on [the chemistry]. It’s not at its best, but we will eventually get there,” she said.

Head coach Karen Welliver talked about Rendon’s performance.

“This was her first game back, she was hurt in our first tournament.

“She can shoot and drive, and all around a really good player,” she said.

The Falcons played San Diego Mesa in the San Diego Mesa tournament and lost 57-41 on Nov. 13.

Welliver said, “That was good for us to turn around and beat a team that we just lost to a week ago, so that kind of shows our progress already.

Welliver also said that the team is really balanced this season and has a really good team.

Sophomore forward Regina English talked about the three day tournament.

“I feel like our first game, everybody didn’t play to their full potential, and the rest of the games, it seemed like the first game woke us up, so we all did better,” she said.

English scored two points on the Grossmount game, 15 points against RCC, and 13 points against San Diego Mesa College.

She also talked about her performance over the weekend.

“I feel like I did good on offense and defense, especially from what I have contributed.

“I could do better though, I have a lot of mistakes, but I felt that I did good.”

Freshman Talor Hixon said, “I think I did okay, I could have done better,” she said.

“There is always room to grow.”

The Mount San Antonio College transfer scored three points against Grossmount, six points against RCC, and nine points against San Diego Mesa College.