Cerritos faces Moorpark after postponed game

Lauren Gandara and Lauren Gandara

Splitting the win in their doubleheader against LA Valley College, the Cerritos College baseball team will play away against Moorpark College on Feb. 9 at 2 p.m.

Shortstop Chris Hefner talked about preparing for the game.

“We had a lot of batting practice, we basically just stayed loose, tried to keep us as relaxed as we can.”

Cerritos lost its first game 2-1, but then came back in the second game to win 11-10.

As far as improvement is concerned, Hefner said, “Our bunts are coming around, we’re definitely starting to execute a lot more, playing a little bit more small ball. I think tomorrow will be a good test to see what we’ve accomplished in the last few days.”

Due to rain, Cerritos’ game against Golden West on Feb. 7 was postponed.

Whether or not the game being postponed had any affect on Cerritos, outfielder Chris Esparza said, “It’s a good thing to give us a little bit of rest, especially with the schedule we have coming up. Other than that I think our team was prepared going into yesterday’s game and just trying to beat Golden West.

“Unfortunately we couldn’t do that so hopefully tomorrow when we play Moorpark we can get a victory.”

Moorpark currently has a record of one win out of their three games played this season.

Esparza talked about going up against Moorpark, knowing their record.

“I feel confident. The standings to see who has first, who has the game ahead, it really doesn’t matter it just comes out on the field. We’ll see who’s the bigger team and the tougher team so hopefully my team’s ready to play tomorrow.”

After Moorpark, Cerritos will play two more games.

The team’s next game will be away against LA Valley on Feb. 10 at 2 p.m.

That will Cerritos’ third game playing against LA Valley this season.

On Feb. 11, Cerritos will then play away against College of the Canyons at 12 p.m.