Men’s and women’s track and field place top four in home relay

Placing at least fourth in individual events, the Cerritos College men’s and women’s track and field team hosted the California Relays March 14-16 at the Cerritos College track.

Cerritos College assistant track and field coach Kristen Joseph said, “Today is going to be a very good day there’s a lot of competition out here and were going to see how they act toward the rest of the competition.”

Joseph continued to say, “Preparation takes weeks and months of training. If they train enough to run in this type of meet then later on in the season we’re going to see how far they have gotten with all the training we have put them through.”

Overall, Joseph is satisfied with the way his runners have been performing and he is looking forward to running against American Rivers College.

He said, “The best runners are Ariana Wright from the women’s side, she is the best female sprinter running an 11-9 in the 100 meter race and Najee Jackson on the men’s side is running a 10-7 earlier on in the season, so we’re going to be looking forward to the both of them to be knocking those times down a lot later on in the season.”

Jackson, who is running the 4 by 1 and the 100 meter race said, “I am trying to get at least 40 points today in the 4 by 1 and in the 100 meter race I’m trying to get a 10-4”.

He added, “I’m real baffled about Joseph saying I’m the best runner. They’re a lot of good runners out here. Ameer Webb was here last year running a 10-1.

“In my event I’m pretty good but I would not say I am the best runner. I plan on improving meet by meet, and I don’t want to peek too early so by the end of the year I’ll be running a 10-3 or a 10-4.”

Jackson continued, “I hope to get a scholarship and go to a D-1 University”.

Vance Washington said, “I normally run the open 200 meter but I’m only here to support my team today, we’re going to have a lot of personal records today”.

Washington said, “Jackson is the fastest on the team but overall it’s Juan Tapia because has speed and endurance.”

Tapia runs the 200-meter race for Cerritos College.