Student athletes should receive no financial compensation

Cerritos College student athletes currently do not get paid for playing sports and that is how the system should stay.

Students who participate in sports are already given the opportunity to have priority registration over non-athletes, which is a huge advantage given the fact that it is nearly impossible for some people to get the classes they need or any classes at all for that matter.

Cerritos College, like many other colleges in California, is suffering from a tight budget and cutbacks that seem to never end.

Classes are being cut, teachers and faculty members are being let go and entire programs are on the brink of being entirely eliminated.

To add to this, summer school is most likely not going to be offered anymore in the future because it is not economically feasible.

When it comes to the question of whether Cerritos College sports athletes should be paid for playing a sport my answer is a firm no considering that there are many more important matters that are priority when it comes to the colleges diminishing budget.

The top concerns for what needs money at this college should be classes and students education. If athletes want to get paid for their athleticism then they should work hard and make it to the pros.

College is for furthering an education, not for wasting a tight budget on entertainment.