Cheerleaders have better things to do

Cheerleaders are athletes themselves and cheer at enough sporting events already.

Therefore, it is best if cheerleaders just stick to cheering for the two main sports they cheer for: football and basketball.

It takes cheerleaders all summer to come up with routines, chants and band dances to perform during big school functions and football and basketball games.

They spend the summer also learning about the basic fundamentals of the two sports so that they can call out cheers during plays.

There are 19 sports at Cerritos College, both men’s and women’s.

How do you cheer at a wrestling tournament?

P-I-N, Pin him, pin him! I don’t think so.

To have to learn about all of these sports and remember the fundamentals of every sport would take more than just a couple of months in the summertime to learn and memorize.

Plus, cheerleaders have their own events they need supporting at.

In the winter and springtime, cheerleading teams participate in cheerleading competitions.

These competitions have become popularly known especially after all of the “Bring It On” movies that keep being made and keep getting lamer and lamer.

These girls are hardcore athletes and have to practice constantly in order to win.

It’s a lot of work and pressure and to add on to that, having to cheer at even more sporting events that the team isn’t even paying attention to, to begin with? How fair is that to the cheerleaders?

Most cheerleading squads don’t even cheer for all sports in high school or grade school.

I’ve heard of the Laker Girls and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, but I’ve never heard of the Dodger Girls or the LA Kings Cheerleaders.