A look at Falcon superstitions

Lauren Gandara

Whether it’s putting on one sock before the other, having a special playlist they listen to or wearing a lucky shirt, some Cerritos College athletes believe in doing these types of good luck rituals in order to perform at their highest capabilities.

184-pounder for the wrestling team, Tyree Cox said that for good luck he wears a purple shirt with a bible verse that one of his high school coaches gave him. He also listens to specific songs in a certain type of order.

He said, “Every time I’ve done it I’ve made it to the finals whether I’ve won or lost. I think it works.”

Cox said the reason he started listening to music is because he noticed it relaxes him.

“In high school I realized I would always warm up a lot better in the wrestling room or like I wrestled a lot harder when we had music on during practice.”

Cox said that without music he starts over thinking his matches so for him, music is a big key in staying focused.

He also added that the reason for the t-shirt is that one of his high school coaches gave it to him and told him it might be good luck and ever since Cox started to wear the shirt, he made it a part of his good luck routine.

125-pounder Gabe Ballesteros said he believes in superstition and has a pair of good luck underwear and socks that he wears to all of his meets.

He notices that when he wears them, he doesn’t perform as well and might lose a close match because he didn’t wear his good luck charms.

Ballesteros went into detail and said, “I’ve been doing this since high school. Ever since our coach gave us these special socks that had our high school logo on them, I’d always wear them to all of my meets and I felt like I’d do better.”

Runningback Donald Livingston said that before his football games, he puts on a superhero shirt, preferably Superman, and eats a king size bag of Skittles.

“When I was a kid, before one of my games, I would eat, and my sister bought be a bag of Skittles and I played one of my best games.

“The very next week I forgot my shirt and she bought be a superhero shirt and a bag of Skittles and I played an even better game so I kept doing it since then.”

He said he’s been doing this routine for 13 years and feels that this routine works perfectly and doesn’t feel the need to change his routine in order to perform his best.

He said that he noticed how the routine proved to be good luck when one time he forgot to wear his superhero shirt and he played poorly and was injured.