Chemistry sparks hope for Cerritos College softball in 2013

After a record of 29-10 last season the Cerritos College softball team looks to push the team chemistry heading toward 2013.

Head coach Kodee Murray sees the chemistry among the team to be a key strength this season.

“We have solid players in every position. We have some real strong additions to our freshman class,” she said.

Murray added that the team has more pitching this season which she feels adds to the team’s strengths.

Murray has two returning women on the field this year, which according to her, isn’t a new thing to the team considering athletes can only play for two years.

The rest of the team is made up of new incoming players, who are working toward building chemistry before the season begins on Jan. 25.

“We have sophomores that transferred in, but really and truly, we are starting off with a brand new squad,” Murray said.

One of the new transfers is second basemen Regina Ayala, and although she is new to Cerritos College, she has experience playing softball in Louisiana and noticed some changes between the two places.

“It’s a lot different with the girls. I got along with both…I like the program and the school, and the girls better here.”

Ayala has focused her practice time to hitting, which she feels benefits the team.

“Hitting is a big part of the game, and really to be a good collegiate team you need to hit, so my main focus is always, usually hitting and finding different ways to improve.”

Other than hitting, Ayala sees chemistry among her teammates team as a strength heading into the first game of the season.

“I feel that since we are all used to each other and know how to play together, we will do pretty well.”

Returning first basemen Andrea Arellano has similar thoughts when it comes to the team, but after being on it for a second season, she notices some differences.

Last year the team had only five new women, with this year being on the opposite end. Arellano sees a difference this s saying Cerritos College is “starting off fresh”.

With new players on the team, the incumbents and coaches will need to show them the ropes.

“You have to show everyone how we do things in practice, what we do for warm-ups and games. It was a bit of a struggle this year in the beginning…but I know we’re getting better,” Arellano said.

Arellano added that it was important to show the new girls what is needed to be done in order to have the team be in sync.

The team opens its season against Fullerton College.

Murray sees Fullerton College as a tough school but still has faith in her team.

“Fullerton is a strong program…(it) has a veteran coach that does a great job so it will be a tough battle for us.”

Before the season starts off, there will be an alumni game on Jan. 19.

Former head coach, Nancy Kelly, who the Cerritos College softball field is named after, will be in attendance.