Freshmen-laden tennis team encouraged

Rocio Rodriguez and Rocio Rodriguez

Cyd Dionson, as well as the rest of the women’s tennis team, are hard at work to finish their season on a high note.

The women’s team is working hard during practice to he able to finish its season better than how it started.

The team also acknowledges that it has done a good job so far but also understands why its season hasn’t been the best.

“We did good. We could do better but the teams in out conference are really good right now,” said Dionson.

Head coach Alvin Kim is also looking to push the girls to do their best and to be at a more competitive level considering almost all of the players are freshmen.

Kim said he is already looking toward next season and is hoping for most of his players to return.

“(I’m looking to) just to fill some spaces for next year, but (I’m focusing) on getting them ready for next season,” said Kim.

The team is looking toward to the rest of the season and is working on its weaknesses during its time at practice.

Jessica Alcayde explained that the team has improved from where it first started and that it is working to achieve a better standing.

Alcayde said that practice has helped not only the dynamic as a team, but also them as individual players.

“We are better than when we first started in the beginning of the season (but also) just seeing improvement in yourself an the team,” she explained.

Dionson explained that the key to being a better player is to practice and play.

The team acknowledges that it is in a conference that have strong teams and one of their strongest rivals is El Camino College.

Dionson added, “I think they’re (El Camino College) No. 1 in Southern California or California, they (El Camino College) are in our conference so that is why is hard to get far.”

The team will face Fullerton College on Thursday March 14 at 2 p.m.