Weight room accessible to all students


Marco Zepeda

Undecided major Ace Aliimatafitafi works on his chest using the straight bar.

Marco Zepeda and Marco Zepeda

The weight room at Cerritos College is open to any student currently enrolled.

The only requirement before being able to use the equipment is submitting a request to coach Tom Caines or a staff member on site.

After being approved, attendees must keep a time card managing how much hours they spend in the weight room each day.

It’s open year-round and can be occupied by all the sports teams on campus.

Any team can use the room as long as supervised by a coach or staff member. The weight room is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The only class that uses the weight room as a lab is the weight training courses, which are offered year-round.

Undecided major and defensive tackle for the Cerritos College football team John Pale, explained how the weight room is beneficial for him and the football team.

“It’s a good-size room to work out in and I like the way there is a variety of different machines to work out on,” he said.

“We are required to be working out Monday through Thursday, so the room is always occupied by the football players.”

Not only is there a weight room to get a work out on but there is also a room with cycling machines and an outside area for cardio.

Sociology major Kevin Ramirez said, “Working out is usually boring, but working out in the weight room at Cerritos (College) is different since you’ll find people that are actually dedicated and help you push your limits.”

Ramirez added, “Getting approved to work out in the room is fairly easy. All they ask for is to keep a time card every week. The equipment is well taken care of, therefore it is easy to operate any machine in there.”

There is a variety of machines in the weight room designed to work out different muscles in the body depending what muscles are being triggered to be worked on. The room is located in the south east corner of the campus.