How to stay fit in the offseason

Marco Zepeda and Marco Zepeda

As a student athlete at Cerritos College, there are many precautions to take during the off-season. Certainly for most athletes working hard and a healthy diet is a very important element.

It’s the nature of the game to constantly have injuries throughout the seasons. The off-season is definitely a great opportunity to rest or cure any injuries.

“Healthy eating is a key, ” said Davyon Monett, criminal justice major, and safety for the Cerritos College football team.

“Spending every day of the week in the weight room, working with the coaches, and teammates during the off-season is a routine we take,” Monett said.

Monett also works out off campus to expand his performance on the field. Even when the season is over, there is practice all year-around.

Players like Monett never stop working year-around to stay fit while football season comes around.

“There is no off-season,” said Garon Jackson, communications major, and outside linebacker at Cerritos College.

He mentioned that cardio and weights are a main key to prepare as a player during the off-season.

Jackson also added that watching tapes, studying your opponent to be strong mentally is just as important as watching your body physically.

“Definitely watching your diet and working out are two main priorities I take serious,” Jackson said.

Physical sports are not the only ones that demand a healthy lifestyle during off-season.

Technical sports such as track and field demand for players to constantly keep running to keep their stamina up.

Computer science major George Robinson explained how he prepares himself year-round for the track meets.

“Definitely drink a lot of water and ice your body after working out,” he said.

Robinson added, “Practice is the only way you are going to get better. You have to practice hard everyday like it is an actual track meet. Therefore, when you are actually competing you will be ready physically and mentally.”