Injury woes plague softball team as playoffs loom

Rocio Rodriguez and Rocio Rodriguez

The Cerritos College Softball team is approaching the Southern California Regional Playoffs and is having minor issues as some of the players are recovering from injuries.

Assistant coach Jenel Guadagno explained that while the team has been practicing, one of her other approaches to playoffs is to talk to the players and get them to play to the best of their abilities with the circumstances the team is in.

Guadagno added that since injuries are playing a big part on how the team is handling going into playoffs, she believes the team is doing a good job.

“Definitely having to play (players) in different positions and moving them around. But they are doing a great job of picking it up and stepping up.”

Sophomore catcher Katie Caraballo explained that while the team has been working hard and following the same agenda, one of the obstacles the team has encountered is playing as a unit.

“We have been doing the same thing. Just work harder in practice, look up stats for the other team and base it off its wins and losses.”

“(There) hasn’t been anything bad. (There was) not many obstacles. In the beginning we were struggling, trying to put the team together, but I think we really evolved and really play more like a team,” Caraballo said.

Sophomore first baseman Andrea Arellano said she is looking forward to playing in the playoffs and finish the season with good memories.

“As a sophomore I’m excited for the playoffs because it’s my last time being here. Each game counts because you never know when it’s going to be over,” Arellano said.

She also said that she along with the rest of the team are excited, even with the problems they had to face during the regular season, but now feel ready to take on anything that comes their way.

“We are (ready). (There were) some minor setbacks because some got hurt. I think they’ll be better for playoffs and we’ll do fine.”

The Southern California Regional Playoffs begin May 4.