Handball: A growing campus sport

From prisons to mainstream


Striking a small round ball with your hand is making a name for its self, Handball!

The renovation of the Falcon Gymnasium isn’t the only thing that has an impact on the students but the outside walls of the facility are greatly appreciated by the handball players.

“It’s more than just an activity, handball is a sport and gets just as competitive as any other sport,” physiology major Chris Montes said.

Now that the courts are accessible on campus, he mentioned, “I will be spending at least three afternoons of the week competing amongst my friends and challengers.”

Although handball players are not recognized, they are out there playing on the Cerritos College handball courts day in and day out. Sports involving striking a ball with a hand have been around as long as any other sport.

The courts weren’t available for three years as the gym was under going renovations. Along with the opening of the gym in March, the handball courts would also be opened once again.

More and more students are using the courts as handball is growing as a whole.

Although some people have decisive thoughts about the game since it is a main activity in the prisons, it keeps growing as a sport.

Undecided major Armando Romero explained what the game means to him.

“Everyone has their own hobbies, mine happened to be handball. Since there is no major leagues, me and my partner sign up for tournaments around Los Angeles County.”

He added, “Playing handball for the fun of it at Cerritos (College) eases the stress build up in the classroom. It is great how after class during any time of the day I can go to the courts and play since there is a side with shade.”

Handball is a game played either one on one or as a pair. The rules vary among the number or walls being used in the court.

Cerritos College has the most common courts used on an outside area, which contain three walls in a box form without the back wall.