Volleyball defeats Santa Ana at home

The women’s volleyball team played their first game of the season against Santa Ana College on Sept. 6 at the Cerritos College Gymnasium.

The Falcons had a great start and ended their first game of the season by winning 3-0. The first set was won, 25-21, the second set was won by 25-18 and the third set was won, 25-16.

After the game, when asked how the girls prepared for their first game, assistant coach Gigi Tisdom responded, “Long practices, and also a lot of discussions and meetings about being mentally ready, and also technically making sure they were ready in all aspects of the game so we can have less errors. Did we have errors today? Yes we did, but I think the mental preparation was more helpful than anything.”

The team still needs to work on and improve on their defense, according to Tisdom.

Ashley Castro, the team’s libero, gave her opinion on how she thinks the girls played together as team.

“At first, it was kind of rough, but as we went on throughout the game, it got better. We started talking more and we started playing more together.”

Castro admits she was nervous, but she put that aside as soon as she got to the court.

Crissy Silavong, setter, also shared her opinion when asked how she believed the girls played as team.

“I feel like we kind of broke down in the beginning because there were a lot of girls. This was their first real college game and a lot of the girls were nervous, and it kind of was contagious to the rest of the girls, so we just need to support each other more.”

The team will practice harder and change their mistakes in order to prepare for the next match, according to Silavong.

The women’s volleyball team will play their second game of the season against Fullerton in the Cerritos College Falcon Gymnasium on Sept. 11 at 6 p.m.