Team must improve at West Hills

Focusing primarily on the development of the team’s technique rather than the score, the Cerritos College wrestling team will be competing in the West Hills tournament Saturday, Sept. 28.

Head coach Don Garriott gave his thoughts about the tournament, “To me, I don’t care if we win every tournament along the way. It’s more about development so that we are right where we need to be when the state meet comes.”

He said about his goals for the team, “I want the guys to focus on their individual matches and not be worried about the team outcome; the team outcome will come in the end.”

165-pounder Eddie Rodgers talked about his mindset going into the tournament.

“(I’m) trying to get first, I think I got a good shot at it. (I) just have to get to the finals and see what happens there.”

In regard to the team’s overall priority going into the tournament, 133-pounder Samuel Holandez said, “Right now we want to come out strong and right now we are looking for improvements. We are not really trying to go all out and expect so much.”

He said about the preparation, “Besides weight training, just being mentally prepared and wanting to be there and wrestle hard.”

149-pounder David Acuna expressed his enthusiasm for the tournament.

“I’m excited to get competition on a higher level. I’m not really nervous as much as I should be. I’m just happy to get an opportunity to wrestle.”

For Acuna, this will be his first opportunity to wrestle this season for Cerritos College.

The wrestling team have started the season with a 3-1 record, losing only one game in the Mt. San Antonio Duals.

The team’s next competition will be the Santa Ana Tournament. The first conference game for the wrestling team will be 7 p.m. away at San Antonio Oct 9.