Men’s soccer defeats Santiago Canyon 3-1

Amairani Mendez

The Cerritos College men’s soccer team defeated Santiago Canyon College 3-1, pushing it to the next round.

With the audience screaming, yelling and anxiously waiting for the time to stop depleting, Cerritos college made it to the next round.

Being a hard game in where both the teams were hungry for the next round, the game when from fair to the point where players were flaming and frustrations were setting in.

“We knew this was going to b a difficult game; our coach gave us a heads up,” sophomore midfielder Thiago Lusardi said.

Lusardi and his team knew that sticking to the plan, was going to make them somewhat successful and win the match.

“Not be stubborn and try to play bump balls because we know (Santiago) had advantage, (it is) really good at the long ball,” he said.

While Santiago College had the most chances to score and win this game, Cerritos College was able to push up in its journey to the next round.

“I think we did a good job overall,” Lusardi mentioned. “Our backup goalie came up big time. He didn’t really get to play this season but he’s always ready for us.”

“From the first whistle to the last whistle it was intense. I feel like the team left it all for the good,” Ricardo Covarrubias No. 26, freshman defender said. “The team put there heart to it and we got the win.”

“I’m so exited, thrilled, honored. I’m proud of these guys found a way,” head coach Benny Artiaga said.