Finals await women’s soccer after Foothill victory


Sophomore forward Claudia Lopez studies the pitch ahead to look for the crucial pass.Photo credit: Sebastian Echeverry.

Sebastian Echeverry

Day one of the CCCAA state championships semi-finals proved well for the Cerritos College women’s soccer team.

The Falcons took an astonishing lead over the Foothill Owls Friday Dec. 6 in Consumnes River College with a score of 7-0.

Swift speed and a thunderous attack was key to victory and the ladies advance to the Finals on Sunday, Dec. 8 against Santiago Canyon College.

The first 45’ saw its fair share of goals as the score ended 3-0, two from freshman forward Carolina Ornelas and one from sophomore midfielder April Juarez.

The opening goal came about thanks to the heroic efforts of sophomore Claudia Lopez, as she chased a ball that seemed lost to the opposing keeper but slammed into her causing a loose ball to fall in the six yard box where Caro placed it in.

Lopez was subbed out to prevent head injury from the collision, but returned shortly after the go was given.

After the half time it seemed as if the Foothill Owls have learned from their mistakes and came out playing. However the Falcons, once again, suppressed all forms of attack from the Owls and reduced the game to Foothill’s side of the pitch.

Bombardment on Foothill’s net came about the extreme speed that all the players are equipped with. The players and coaching staff at Cerritos College both believe that the training endured in the summer is now paying off in success.

“Its been a long road,” head coach Ruben Gonzalez said. “This is what we started training for back in the summer class. We want another opportunity to win another championship.”

That opportunity has been earned with such a season giving the team seeded No. 1.

Gonzalez believes that although the team is in great physical form, the true battle is keeping a cool head when going into such crucial games.

“I think they know,” he said. “We have a good core and half of the team was here last year so we know what to expect.”

What’s mesmerizing about the team is the way they cut off all attacks on the defensive, but the way the forwards force teams into small playing fields on the offensive.

“I’m so used to going up on one-on-one balls,” Lopez said, “pressuring every ball, and that’s what I did.”

Lopez’s play caused the first of many goals for the Falcons. However the play was dangerous and a loud sound of cracking, colliding bodies echoed into the cold crisp morning air. Regardless of the consequences she won the ball for her team.

Freshman left back Cassidy Hodson was content with the victory, “We need to get a lot of rest and start focusing now for Sunday.”

With the final around the corner, Hodson and her players have already made their sprints and plays on the training ground. Now it is up to each player to prepare mentally for the match which will be held Sunday Dec. 8 at Cosumnes River college at 10 a.m.