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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Diving team has high hopes for Pasadena Invitational

Sophomore Henry Rodriguez seconds away from beginning his lap across the Cerritos College pool. Photo credit: Luis Guzman

The diving team, made up of mostly beginners, is looking to improve in their upcoming Pasadena Invitational that will be held Friday, April 4.

Glen Myer, diving coach for Cerritos College, believes the Pasadena Invitational is important for the diving to see the different school that are competing.

Myer states that there has been a change of where the diving team has been with the rest of the schools.

“It’s going to be a bigger meet for us, we are probably going to fall more in the middle section where as we used to be on the the top,” said Myer.

As for the diving team’s preparation, Myer wants his divers to look at what they did in the past that can help them for their next dive.

“Every week we build on what we have achieved so far, we look at the last competition where we came up a little bit short and focus on our weaknesses and revisit our strengths, it’s a long ongoing process,” said Myers.

Coach also mentioned that the team is actually is made of some novice divers who are barely learning to play the sport..

“Our divers are actually all fairly novice divers that are learning the basics and yet they are picking it up really quickly and being fairly competitive,” said Myer.

Myer reveals that the divers have experienced a lot of injuries early into the season.

Estevan Abrajan, Cerritos College men’s diver, “Right now I’m just trying to recover from an injury.”

Hopefully I can get back into on Friday, so far everything has been okay,” said Abrajan.

Abrajan had an injury that caused a head laceration two weeks ago while he was diving.

With the Pasadena Invitational in sight, he still feels like the injury can play factor leading up to his meet.

“Hopefully by this week, (I can) put in a lot of hours in the pool. And just getting in that practice as much as I can so I can be in decent condition for Friday,” said Abrajan.

Abrajan holds high optimism with his other diving teammates, leading up to the Pasadena Invitational.

“I really confident that they are going to improve really well. Hopefully we can be in the top five and hopefully we can get a good outstanding performance,” said Abrajan.

Randy Baldwin managed to get second place and Richard Park finished with a fourth place finish in their last dive on March 14.

The last meet the falcons attended was against Pasadena City and El Camino on March 28. Cerritos lost to Pasadena City with score board that read 160.5 to 119.5 Cerritos trailing behind.

The South Coast Conference Championship is looming close for the men’s Cerritos College diving team. They will face off against El Camino’s diving team in a SCC conference game at 12 a.m. on April 11.


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Diving team has high hopes for Pasadena Invitational