Softball players win first Team All-South Coast Conference

Three Cerritos College softball players were recognized for their season’s performance this past week.

The players receiving the awards are: Ariana Mejia, Sophomore 3rd basemen; Jaimie Ramirez, Sophomore Pitcher; Joanna Perruccio, Freshmen Outfielder.

This is Mejia’s second time winning the 1st Team All-Southern California and 1st All-South Coast Conference team for the second year.

For Perruccio and Ramirez, it will be the first time they making it to a 1st Team All-SCC and 1st Team All-Southern California.

Mejia credits this recognition with the hard work she puts into practice as well her coaches who push her even further.

“I thank my coaching staff, my teammates and my parents for being supportive in anything I do,” said Mejia.

Mejia has been playing softball ever since she was four years old. She said that the thing about softball is that it is a competitive sport and that she likes the pressure to get things done on the field.

So far in the season, she has 53 hits, six home runs and the team’s top leader with RBI’s with 45.

After this achievement, her next goals are getting the team to state championships and transferring to a four-year university.

“In means a lot to me because in my two years here, I finally was nominated to get this award,” said Ramirez. “I worked very hard and dealt with a lot difficult moments in games but I came through and finally got it.”

Ramirez first found out about the award from her coach texting her that she actually earned the award, saying that she wasn’t expecting but at the same time she had hoped that she would get recognized.

“I want to thank the whole entire coaching staff, because they have push me to be a player that I have become now,” said Ramirez.

Ramirez pitched the Cerritos College softball team to 18 wins and eight losses, 46 strikeouts, and a ERA of 3.03.

With winning this award, she is hoping to finish her bachelors degree as her next goal in life.

Perrucio also reiterated that her work ethic was something that really made a difference.

“I think I put all my effort in the beginning, I worked hard each day in practice and I think it came through through my play,” said Perruccio.

She also appreciates how her teammates and coaches pushed her in order to play at a high level.

Perruccio lead her team in the conference with 51 runs, and has managed to get 53 hits and a hitting average of .438.

Just like Mejia, Perruccio’s next goal in sight is to take her team to the state championship.