Michael Sam calls the St. Louis his new home

Akeem Ivory

Ex Mizzou Defensive End Michael Sam was drafted late in the seventh round two hundred and forty-ninth pick overall by the St. Louis Rams an organization known for making history when it comes to the sports world and NFL.

In a draft class where it had the biggest debate on were the most electrifying and most interesting offseason quarterback for past two years in Johnny Manziel would go.

It was a long wait for Sam, who wasn’t picked up until Saturday afternoon in the drafts 11 hour. It was a touching scene to see Sam breakdown in tears and embrace his boyfriend as he had reached a dream he had set for himself since putting the pads on. That video feed of Sam embracing his boyfriend showed the world he is comfortable with showing who he is.

So the question no longer is, are the world of men’s professional sports ready for an openly gay athlete? But it turns to how will the world handel the arrival of the first openly gay player.

As stated in my previous article about Michael Sam possible first gay NFL Player (http://bit.ly/1qVMzRB)

“This was only a matter of time that the door of separation between heterosexual and homosexual in Men’s sports was broken, there was time that the wall of segregation between black and white athlete came crumbling down with a strong black man by the name of Jackie Robinson.”

There has already been speculation that the reason Michael fall in this years draft was because of the unwanted distraction from the media he would bring to whatever team he would play for. Anyone who follows the NFL knows that team would like to keep distractions as minimal as possible, with the fear it could hurt the team in the long run.

It seemed the fear of teams who were hesitant would come to pass with the report of Michael possible having a documentary following him around his rookie season which would premiere on Oprah Winfrey’s the OWN Network. Once these report surfaced of this documentary the show was axed in the best interest of both parties.

In Sam’s case his skills will be an asset for any team he plays for, which is the St Louis Rams.