Water polo prepares for fall season


“It’s a completely different team than last season,” Abing said. “We had an excellent first week and I am really excited.” Photo credit: Sebastian Echeverry

Sports are played on a number of different platforms; however, there remains one sport that is truly out of human element.

The Cerritos College water polo program is back in action this Fall and according to the men’s head coach Joe Abing, this new breed of aquatic gladiators will be run by fresh recruits.

“Last season was a great season, ” Abing said. “We had a strong run in the playoffs and I felt very good about last season.”

He continued, “It’s a completely different team than last season. We had an excellent first week and I am really excited.”

The men’s coaching staff believes that match-fitness is a crucial obstacle that could jeopardize performances.

“We are trying to get into better shape without people getting injured,” Abing said.

Sophmore Utility Carlos Abrego is a returning player that wishes to contribute heavily to the team.

Abrego has set a goal of having a huge impact on the California Community College Athletic Association during competitions.

“I want to beat Long Beach,” Abrego added.

According to him, the long-time rival of the Falcons, Long Beach City College, is a long-awaited and vengeful challenge the team faces, as the Vikings have proved to be victorious over the Falcons in the past.

Similar to its male counterpart the women’s water polo team will take to the pools this season and attempt to make a splash at conference.

Sophmore Lefty Carla Harvey believes a unit is not complete unless all individuals are on the same page when in the heat of a game.

“Probably more communication and taking better shots, but, other than that, I think we are pretty equal from last year,” Harvey said. “I’m just excited about getting this season started.”

The team has both veterans and new players at the helm.

“We are trying to just get everyone comfortable and back into shape and bonding with the team to get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses,” she said.

Harvey has her sights set on trying to win conference and to making it to regional.

While Harvey rejoins the team as a veteran, new talent has made its way into the team’s core.

Freshman Briana Zuniga is new to team, but is tried and tested to the game.

She played all four years in high school.

“It’s exciting, a little bit nerve racking because you don’t know how your teammates are going to play,” she said.

According to Zuniga, the team’s conservative style of play on the attack has to be rewired to fire more shots toward the goal and test the opposition’s goalkeeper.

“We have to fight for it, if we want it we have to earn it.”

The men’s first home game is on Wednesday Sept. 17 at 4:15 p.m. while women’s first home game is Wednesday, Sept. 17 at 3 p.m.