Volleyball going for a split record against Riverside


Armando Jacobo

Vanquishing inconsistency: The volleyball team currently has a 3-4 overall record, right below .500. The team blames inconsistency as the problem, hoping to eliminate it against Riverside.

Armando Jacobo, Sports Editor

Through seven games thus far in the season, the Cerritos College volleyball team is lacking consistency as it looks to play in its home opener.

After splitting the first two games and falling one game below .500 after the Cerritos Tournament, the Falcons realize that something has to give.

“That shows how we’re inconsistent because there are some matches that we should’ve won, ” assistant coach Gay Brokenbough said.

Despite the lack of consistency, the Falcons are thriving off of high expectations and expect nothing less.

“I know we could do better, I just know we could do better,” Jasmine Peralta, who plays the libero position, said.

“We have some kinks to work out and once we get passed them, we can ultimately be at our full potential of where I know we can be,” middle blocker Lisa Villarroel said.

The team will have a chance to work out those kinks against Riverside College (2-6); the Falcons have a chance to break even.

With continuity issues of its own, the volleyball team is not overlooking the Tigers despite the docile record that the team currently has.

“(The Tigers) have a middle that hits pretty hard and (the team) hustle(s) a lot to get to every ball,” Jasmynne Roberts, outside hitter, said.

Through each game the volleyball team plays, its continuity grows, as it learns to trust and rely on one another.

“Our whole strategy is really ball control, passing and finding the chemistry. Playing with (teammates) more and more, we’re starting to find it, it’s just not consistent yet. Consistency is what we’re really working on,” Brokenbough said.

With conference play looming in October, the Falcons realize that cohesion is an absolutely necessary element to obtain.

“It’ll set the tone depending on how we do, so hopefully we do well,” Villarroel said.

The Cerritos College volleyball team is facing Riverside College in its home opener on Wednesday, Sept. 24, at 5 p.m. inside of the Falcon Gymnasium.