Late rotations, communication a factor in volleyball’s defeat


Katherine Grijalva, Arts Editor

The women’s volleyball team’s lack of communication cost it a 3-2 loss against Riverside on Wednesday, Sept. 24, at 5 p.m. inside Falcon Gymnasium.

The Falcons started by dominating the game with a 10-3 score within the first 10 minutes of the game. The team demonstrated its useful tactics against the Riverside Tigers, but as the game progressed, the Falcons caught themselves in a tie of 25-18 with the second and third set of the game, calling for a fifth set to determine the final score.

Though the team displayed great teamwork and skill, it was evident its communication was not processing nor efficient since it began to fall short in the game, allowing Riverside to take control of the ball by the fourth set.

During the third set, middle-blocker Jasmine Mitchell suffered an injury and allowed the team to be distracted and worried, affecting the remainder of the game.

Outside hitter, Jasmynne Roberts, said,”For the first two sets, our whole team was communicating. Coach changed our rotation a little bit, so it had an impact on how we played.”

Although Cerritos had a supporting audience, constantly chanting out positive remarks to motivate the team, the women’s volleyball team could not win against its opponent.

Right side hitter, Tisha Lenon, said, “Our goal as a team was to work together and communicate more and to try out different options that would help us win.”

Its next game will be on Saturday, Sept. 27, at the San Diego City Tournament. Start time will be announced later this week.

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