Women’s Water Polo team ready for San Diego after an explosive offensive game

Alexander Naveja, Associate Sports Editor

The women’s water polo team will travel to San Diego on Oct. 3 for a tournament after an enormous lead it had in its last game with a score of 22-5.

The women are feeling very confident in themselves and are ready to get the season back in order.

“I feel confident in winning games. It boosts your mentality on how you walk into the game, so it’s definitely a confidence booster, ” Brenda Zuniga stated about herself and how she feels about this San Diego road trip.

Where there’s a road trip, there is a team that is looking for some good team chemistry to be built. Well, this team actually has a great amount of chemistry.

“Yes, we actually have good chemistry in all our car rides no matter where we are going. It’s actually a lot of fun, so by the time we get there, we are tired from laughing so I am excited for the ride,” Carla Harvey stated about her team chemistry and how close each and every woman are when traveling.

With every road trip, comes the concern of how the weather will be like the day of the game. That actually did not affect the women’s mindset; they already had of the games coming up.

“No weather will not affect us as long as we stay hydrated, because when we went up north it was actually 100 while we were up there. So, we drank a lot of water and stayed super hydrated so I am expecting the same thing for this weekend,” Harvey said about the heat that will be traveling with the women up to San Diego with them.

In the last game for the women, they scored 22 goals in one game.

“Definitely working on our passing and shooting because those things are definitely going to help us win the games. So those are key points right now and practice and games right now,” Zuniga explained as she demonstrated the team’s technique on what practice routine it did to be able to score like that.