Women’s tennis drops first game of the season against Glendale

Perla Lara, Staff Writer

The 2015 women’s tennis season started with a home game against Glendale Community College. The Falcons lost all three doubles matches and in the singles matches only two out of seven Falcons scored a win.

In the doubles matches the closest match was played by sophomore Amanda Del Cid and freshman Taylor Heath.

This doubles team had a starting score of 3-0 and gradually winning games to bring Glendale up by one with a set score of 7-6.

Glendale won the next game leading to a final match score of 8-6.

Doubles couples freshman Ana Khomyachenko and sophomore Team Captain Stef Flores lost with a score of 7-4.

Third couple sophomore Merlii Alcasid and freshman Katia Brambila also lost with a score of 7-4.

Head Coach Alvin Kim said, “We have an incomplete line up with her it would have been a lot different.” He also said he saw his team “very nervous, very inexperience play; we’re starting a lot of freshman this year.”

Freshman Taylor Heath said, “(I need) most work on my serve, (and) stay focused.”

After a few minutes rest single matches began; for Merlii Alcasid, Katia Brambila, Amanda Del Cid, and Stef Flores, it was a 2-0 set loss.

For freshman Mona Navalta this is her first semester on the team but it was a quick win.

While both players worked hard to reach and return every ball, it was Navalta who maintained a comfortable lead throughout the match winning with a score of 1-6 set-match.

Freshman Taylor Heath had a complicated match facing tough opponent Brigitta Benitez.

Benitez won the first two games and Taylor won the third, Benitez won another 2 games making the score Benitez 4 and Heath 1.

The next game point would have given Benitez the set point but Heath managed to not only win the game point but the one after that as well. With a 6-4 game score Heath won the first set point.

In the second set it was Heath who had the early game point lead. However Heath having a deuce point serve has her racket string break.

Heath had to stop the game and get her second racket; Benitez then argued for the point made when the string broke to be called in her favor.

Once the game started again Heath showed a clear loss in momentum allowing Benitez to catch up to Heath and force a tie break. In the end Heath won 2 sets to 0.

On the third court it is Khomyachenko who truly fought for her win. After losing the first set point Khomyachenko makes a comeback and won the second set point forcing the match to continue to the third set.

For the third set the whole team including the Falcons men’s tennis team rallied together to cheer for Khomyachenko. She won two sets to one.

Team Captain Stef Flores said,“I feel there’s pressure to set the example as captain. For the first game I think we should have done a little better, but there’s anxiety and a little bit of nerves.”

Head Coach Alvin Kim sees the potential in his team; he said “I think we have a tremendous upside I think that we can be a lot better than this and tomorrow’s going to be a very important practice.”

Their next match is also a home game Feb. 5 at 2 p.m. against Irvine Valley.