Falcons swim past Chaffey college and LA Trade tech


Butterflystroke swimmer Joshua Owens finishes is his last 100m stroke at Conference Meet. Photo credit: Emily Curiel

Emily Curiel, Staff Writer

The Cerritos College men’s swim team finished its regular season with a 6-1 record.

Defeating Chaffey College (198-73) and Los Angeles Trade-Tech College (221-35) in its final South Coast Conference meet March 27.

Head coach Abing said, “We did extremely well we won the meet, so that was good. The guys swam well once again, we have now competed against everyone in our Conference. We’re planning on continuing to have some hard training during the week to prepare us for the South Coast Conference Championships.”

Cerritos won 14 of the 15 events, with six different swimmers earning first place finishes one individual race.

Butterflystroke swimmer Isiah Gaytan and backstroke swimmer Jason Ly both won all three of their individual races.

Jason Ly said, “Even though I went surfing before the meet. I did really well, and the team did great.”

Ly was accompanied by backstroke swimmer Marlon Moreno, butterfly-stroke swimmer Joshua Owens, and butterfly-stroke swimmer Angel Rojas to effortlessly win the 200-yard medley relay.

Gaytan finished first place in the 1000-yard freestyle. He also flashed his way to first in the 500-yard freestyle.

Ly won on both of the backstroke races and came in third in the 200-yard IM.

Rojas won his 50-yard freestyle and was followed closely by Owens and Moreno. The same order finished the 100-yard freestyle.

Owens did win the 100-yard butterfly who was followed by Rojas.

Owens said, “Our meet went pretty well. Our sprinters all raced against each other so it was sweet competition, since we raced against ourselves. Over all I think we did pretty well considering how tired we were. I myself went a little slower than usual but there’s always room to improve. The longer we go the more can improve.”

Moreno won a first place finish in the 100-yard breaststroke. While breaststroke swimmer Fernando Lua finished a win in the 200-yard freestyle.

The upcoming Invitational on Friday, April 3 at Pasadena at 8 a.m. will give the Falcons another opportunity to get more practice racing.

Owens added, “We expect to do a lot better than we did last week. We’re supposed to do pretty well. Conference is coming up so, we did pretty good against everyone except Mt. Sac so, that’s the start of real competition.”