What is your favorite WWE wrestler

Taylor Ogata

“No, it’s not real, more for entertainment.” -Eduardo Rodriguez, Drawing & Painting major

“I used to watch it a long time ago. I liked John Cena.” -Andrew Cruz, Engineering major

“Sometimes. I like Randy Orton. It’s entertaining. It keeps the mind distracted, but the acting is not good any more.” -Kevin Smith, Computer Animation major

“Sometimes. I like Seth Rollins. They could have taken it back to the past. Makes it look more real. You could watch it to kill time.” -Alfredo Toledo, Engineering major

“No, I only watched it once or twice.” -David Lopez, Undecided

“I used to watch it a while ago. I was more interested when it was WWF.” -Kimberly Salazar, English major

“No, I don’t know, it’s cool I guess.” -Ariel Guerrero, Graphic Design major

“Yes, I liked some red head, I don’t remember what her name was. I just like the fact that it’s intense.” -Jissel Caballero, Criminal Justice major

“Not really, though it can be entertaining.” -Sandra Lugo, Baking/Pastry major

“I used to. I liked Andre the Giant. It’s too dramatized, more like a soap opera than entertainment.” -Crystal Ivan, Baking/Pastry major