Kishawn Holmes stands against cancer

October 20, 2015

Every October the NFL shows it support for breast cancer by having its players and officials wear pink. It has become such a phenomenon that it has even trickled down to the college and the high school ranks.

Although, it is strictly optional it is clear to see that some players wear pink more than others.

During the Homecoming game against El Camino, running back Kishawn Holmes stuck out like a sore thumb in the sea of blue as he was dripping in pink accessories.

“My grandmother (Marsha Clark) has bone cancer and my god mother (Gyna Ward) has breast cancer. It just gives me all the motivation I need to do something with myself because they are being strong and fighting so I need to be strong and fight, ” Holmes proclaimed.

Holmes credits both of these women as driving factors as to why he pushes himself to the limit, day-in and day-out.

“If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have the drive I have now,” Holmes stated.

On the football field is where Holmes and many other players choose to take their stand but he is aware it is much deeper than that.

“They struggle with something way bigger than a sport, [it’s] their life. They have to be strong so they are really my heroes because they are the definition of drive and dedication,” Holmes explained.

He added, “They wake up everyday and do not complain about anything they just go on and work harder.”

Head coach Frank Mazzotta said, “He just loves football. He’s a hard working person he hasn’t played for a year and has come out and has done a real nice job for us.

We are really pleased with him he took the time to work his way into the starting lineup. Hard work and dedication, that’s just who he is and football is what he loves.”

It seems to have become an obligation of sorts for Holmes as he acknowledges that it is a chance for him to show all the love and support he has for those battling the deadly disease and those who have lost their battle.

A battle that none of them asked for and none of them can control.

Importance is an understatement in regards to how Holmes feels support should be for those affected.

“They’re fighting a battle that’s so much more then a sport so I pay my tribute by baling out for them,” Holmes conceded.

If his stats in the month of October are any indication of how he plays his heart out for cancer patients, his numbers tell the story.

He has 310 rushing yards and three touchdowns in the three October games his team has played so far.

On a wider spectrum the NFL hasn’t been so lenient on its players in their support of cancer.

DeAngelo Williams was denied access to wear pink all season long versus just the “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” of October to honor his mother who passed away in May of 2014 due to breast cancer.

Furthermore, his teammate Cameron Heyward was fined just under $6,000 for donning the words “Iron Head” on his eye black, in honor of his father who passed away in 2006.

Holmes was very open about his displeasure with the actions of the NFL.

“I think it’s not right because everyone has a chance to express themselves and that is [their] chance to express [their] feelings and love towards [their] family members by wearing pink all season [or eye black],” Holmes stated.

“The NFL is not right I believe everyone should be able to [express themselves] all season. It’s kind of heart-breaking,” he added.

Compassion spews from Holmes and he is sure to send a message to anyone who has been affected by cancer or anyone who is battling it themselves.

He added, “You are the true champion, a real fighter. Don’t ever think that you are not the strongest person on the planet cause I’ll give all the talents the Lord above blessed me with to have your drive and determination. You are an angel, only God knows how hard you fight daily and I’ll always have the utmost respect for you.”

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