Jaramillo can’t stop

Amanda Del Cid

Carolina Jaramillo, has played at the level most athletes only dream of, the world stage of soccer, when she played with the Mexican Women’s National Team.

Jaramillo, who has also played for the Mexican national U20 team as the no.10 and in the Women’s Premier League, is making her mark somewhere new.

Jaramillo snagged another achievement for her list, and broken the record for most assists in one game with six assists in the match against El Camino Compton-Center on Tuesday, Oct.20.

She played with the Xolos, Tijuana’s Club team in two WPLS matches, but now plays as a student athlete for Cerritos College, on the three-time state champion women’s soccer team.

The previous record was held most recently by former player Tiffany Schultz who made 4 assists in one match in 2010.

The record was shared by three people and was originally set in 1995.

Jaramillo is an undeclared major and her first and foremost concern is to learn to speak English.

She wishes to continue to go to school after her two years of athletic eligibility at Cerritos are finished.

Jaramillo has dreams outside of schooling, with hopes of someday playing on a European women’s team.

“I would like to play for a European team like for Madrid or Barcelona,” she said.

But after Cerritos she wants to find a university that has a good team and good academics.

She decided to come all the way over to Cerritos because, “I got some really good information from the college and I became interested in the team.”

Amber Whitmore, forward, believes that the team really melds well.

She said, “It took time for us but we’re finally picking up the pieces and we’re working great as a team.”

Natalie deLeon, center forward, agrees, she said, “We have good team chemistry I think we all get along and it shows on the field when we can all get along and play together.”

The other women on the Cerritos team seem to feel that Jaramillo has upped the team’s game play.

De Leon said, “She know’s what she’s doing with the ball. She finds certain balls that most players at this level can’t. She’s obviously really good at soccer. She’s really competitive and just being able to play off of her makes me a better player.”

Whitney Strickland, forward, reiterates the same feelings as de Leon.

She said, “Well she’s definitely like a big changer to our game. It was hard for us to connect, then when she came for some reason everybody finally [connected].”

Strickland said, “She’s not selfish, she always likes to give other people chances so she’s definitely a team player.”

Jaramillo speaks hardly any English and despite that has still made bonds with her teammates at Cerritos.

De Leon said, “She’s a really cool person, I mean it’s hard for us to talk because she barely speaks English she tries to learn English and I try to learn Spanish.”

She added, “She’s well rounded and very down to Earth.”

Not only that, but she is said to be a team player and very considerate when it comes to her game play.

Strickland said, “She may be from Mexico and it may be hard to translate but still she still figures out a way to communicate with us. She’s funny, she’s nice and she likes to joke around a lot.”

She added, “[Jaramillo] doesn’t think about herself. Over all she’s a great player she makes a big difference for sure.”

De Leon continued, “Like yesterday she made a comment that she didn’t want to score. She wanted to play the ball for other people to score.

“That’s really selfless and I admire that. It’s a great quality to have as a soccer player.”

She has played in 11 games during the current season and scored 10 goals. She also made 9 assists in the current season, and made 30 shots on goal. According to the current season stats on Cerritos Falcons website Jaramillo trails closely behind teammate Natalie deLeon in goals scored and assists.

Jaramillo hopes to assist in bringing Cerritos College yet another women’s soccer title during this post season.

“I didn’t know,” she said of learning she had broken the assist record. “But, I’m happy with the work I”m doing and the goal is clear, to be champions.”