Softball disappoints at Santiago Canyon

Toni Reveles, Staff Writer

The Cerritos College softball team could not pull out the comeback to win at Santiago Canyon, it went on to lose the game 7-1.

In the first inning alone Santiago College scored two runs while Cerritos couldn’t get their offense running.

Assistant coach Bud Murray said of the team’s performance, “Offensively we loaded the bases a couple of times but never got a hit that counted, they’re a good team but we were right there with them, we just didn’t do much.”

In the top of the fourth inning Cerritos had the bases loaded with one out, Kylee Brown hit into a double play for outs two and three.

Cerritos did not score until the sixth inning when they were already down 5-0.

Altogether Cerritos gave away 13 hits in seven innings.

Murray said of the pitching, “We threw outside too many lefty slappers and they were able to put the ball were they wanted to, we put a lot of women on base that could run.”

Third baseman and Pitcher Jenny Navarro said, “We didn’t show up, it was just lack of not showing up at the plate and not taking our time, we were making mistakes that we usually don’t make.”

Outfielder Kimberly Olivas added, “I also think we didn’t come out as a team, I think it was more when we went up to bat it was more individualism like ‘I had a bad at bat’ it wasn’t more like ‘what could I do to help my team or to move runners’ and I think that affected us because then we weren’t really pulling together for ourselves as a whole.”

One thing that both Navarro and Olivas agreed on was the main reason they lost was because of being selfish.

“We weren’t playing as a team, we were playing for ourselves and that isn’t going to take us anywhere,” said Navarro.

Murray said players need to play for themselves and their team, they go hand in hand, “If you’re trying to get a base hit with the bases loaded that has to be playing for the team and playing for yourself, we just never got that done, if we would have gotten a hit or two when it counted we would have been right in that ball game.”

Missed opportunity for the softball team, but a great chance to bounce back.