Questionable line-up? No problem for the women’s tennis team

Toni Reveles

The Cerritos women’s tennis team won its match against Mt. SAC 5-4, even though Mt. SAC reportedly put up a questionable line-up.

“Mt. SAC made some questionable changes to their line-up, you’re supposed to place your players in order of strength they wanted to switch on playing styles and that has happened before but we’ve been trying to crack down on illegal line-ups,” said head coach Alvin Kim about the line-up situation.

The line-up switch they made was No. 2 playing No. 3 and No. 3 was playing No. 2 while No. 4 was playing No. 5 and vice versa.

Sophomore Jovana Milosevic, who lost her match, said the line-up change had a effect on her match, “It was a big part [of the loss] because the woman was No. 4 and she played No. 5 and I’m No. 5, so they just made changes and it was a big difference because last time I won 6-0,6-1 and this time I lost in the third set.”

She added, “I’m so happy because they switched four girls, I’m just happy we beat them, I mean we won a 5-4 switch, it’s close but I hope we could do better tomorrow.”

No.1 for Cerritos Anastasia Khomyachenko and No. 2 Taylor Heath both won their single matches.

“I think I did pretty well this match, I won my singles match, I played No. 2 that day so it was easier, less pressure to win,” Heath said about her singles match.

Even though Khomyachenko and Heath played the same players as in their previous match, they couldn’t get the win, “We actually did better in this match than the last,” Heath said.

Heath about the line-up switch,”It feels good knowing that we could conquer anything thrown at us.”

The women will be playing El Camino, Thursday, March 24.