New complex coming to Cerritos College

Terrel Emerson

The campus has become a maze with all the detour signs but soon, there will be a bright new building in the middle of campus.

The new Health and Wellness Complex is coming soon to Cerritos after first being mentioned in the 2011 Master Plan.

It will occupy the two grass patches behind the food court and in front of the original Physical Education Department.

According to Director of Physical Plant and Construction Services David Moore, the building will have multiple different features.

“The complex is being designed to meet the criteria for Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design certification. It will be functioning as the home base for all athletic and physical education activities.

“It will provide a much needed expansion of laboratory, classroom, office and support spaces tailored to the specialized needs of the robust physical education and athletics programs of the college,” he said.

A new cardio fitness room, weight room and PE adaptive fitness room will be built as well in the surrounding areas.

The new adaptive fitness room was something that Athletic Director Dan Clauss felt the school needed.

“It’s going to meet a very important need because we don’t have the facilities to service the adapted students across our campus,” said Clauss.

The building will take some time to build as it will begin construction December of this year and is not expected to be completed until January 2019.

“The program for the new complex will be delivered in two phases, allowing the continued use of the existing Physical Education Building during the early phases of construction,” said Moore.

The new building will have many different aspects as it will include the physical education, fitness, dance and Hall of Fame all in one building.

Many of the features are going to be used as multi-purpose rooms as well that can host classrooms and even team banquets.

Those are all to be completed during phase one of the construction set to be complete January 2018.

Phase two of the construction process will include the building of the new Student Health Center, individual team room building and general site improvements.

The expectations are high for the new complex and Clauss is very confident in the building to come.

“We’re probably going to have one of the nicest facilities in the state once it’s built,” he said.