Falcon soccer shares Doughnuts against Hartnell and Fresno at Hartnell tournament

Erik Estrada and David Jenkins

The Cerritos College soccer team is keeping clean sheets and ties against Hartnell and Fresno college at Hartnell tournament.

Despite scoring 11 goals in their last two games, Cerritos College was unsuccessful in scoring against Hartnell and Fresno College.

Cerritos College had various opportunities throughout the game to take the lead against Hartnell.

Oscar Canela was close to open the scoreboard; but unfortunately for the Falcons, his shot hit the cross bar.

Carlos Payeras also had a shot on goal, but Hartnell’s defender had something else to say and deflected Payeras shot from hitting the back of the net.

Before the whistle blew to end the first half, Luis Garcia tried to take matters into his own hands by coming off with a nice dribble, unleashing a shot but was unable.

Falcons goalie Jordan Aldama did have some work in the game with saving four shots on goal and an important block in the 60 minute which would have put Hartnell up 1-0.

Jose Rivera was booked in minute 70 and then again in minute 88, consequently leaving the Falcons with 10 men.

Although Hartnell played with one extra, they did not take advantage of the situation and were unable to score.

The game ended 0-0 but ended up going two penalties in which Cerritos lost.

In the following game against Fresno City College, Cerritos College continued with their inconsistency with having 16 shots on goal but unable to make one.

Cerritos College had a good chance at the 22 minute mark when Adrian Becerra dribbled into the box –leaving the ball to Luis Garcia who’s shot went wide.

Before the first half ended, Fresno was left with one man less in the field when Julian Yepiz was handed a red card.

The Falcons looked to take advantage of the one man difference with Luis Garcia handing Alberto Carrillo a through pass — leaving him open to score but his shot went over the crossbar.

Becerra tried once again to open the score at minute 70 but the ball went straight to the goalkeeper’s hand.