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Superstar Swap Finalized! Kyrie Irving Traded For Isaiah Thomas.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers sent Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics in exchange for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic; Brooklyn’s 2018 first round pick and a future second-round pick from the Miami Heat for the year 2020.

The Boston Celtics held an introductory press conference last Friday welcoming Kyrie Irving, acquired via trade, and Gordon Hayward, acquired via sign-and-trade earlier during the summer as a free agent.

During the press conference Kyrie shed some light on as to why he wanted to be traded, explaining that, “It was my time to do what was best for me, being an environment that is conducive for my potential.”

Many believe that Kyrie wanted out of Cleveland because he no longer wanted to play alongside four-time NBA MVP, LeBron James. Jalen Rose, a former NBA player and member of the controversial college squad know as the “Fab Five,” said during his show “Jalen & Jacoby” that Kyrie “doesn’t want to be in LeBron James’ shadow anymore.”

The narrative that almost gets lost in all of this is with Isaiah Thomas.

When the Celtics traded the #1 overall pick in this past draft, foregoing the opportunity to select the consensus number 1 overall pick, Markelle Fultz, who plays the same position as Isaiah or “IT” as he is often referred to the collective minds of the NBA world, thought that meant the Celtics were going to be committed to a guy that was headed into a contract year seeking max money.

Jonathan, kinesiology major, said, “I’m a Cavs fan, so I was upset when I found out that he (Kyrie) wanted to be traded. He wanted to be a star.

When I found out we got Isaiah (Thomas) I was like cool, I was happy we got him. I’m pretty sure LeBron will make Isaiah ten times better than he already is.”

Dion Griffin, biology major, believes it was a good trade. He says, “Kyrie did what was best for him. At the end of the day Kyrie is going to do what’s best for him. He’s still in the NBA.”

The blockbuster trade that is sure to shake up the NBA once the upcoming season starts on Oct. 17 was completed last Thursday.

The trade had to be completed by Thursday’s trade deadline at 10 A.M. per league rules or else the two involving teams would have had to elect to extend the time and rework the deal.

They mutually agreed upon terms prior to the trade deadline that swapped the teams starting point guards.

The inclusion of an additional trade asset by the Celtics was incumbent upon the organization to do so to complete the deal due to the Cavaliers request of an additional sweetener after the physical of Isaiah Thomas conducted by the Cavs did not look so appealing.

The Celtics obliged and added a future second-round pick to complete the deal.

Since Kyrie Irving told the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers this summer that he wanted to be traded and it was made public shortly thereafter, the collective fans and NBA affiliates have held their breath waiting to see if a trade would be made, with whom it would be made, and a myriad of other questions while in some sort of limbo.

Now that the trade is finalized, most fans cannot wait to see the ironically scheduled match-up on the first day of the season between the Cavaliers and Celtics, everyone hopeful that Isaiah Thomas’ injury does not keep him out of that game that has so many narratives in one game.

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Superstar Swap Finalized! Kyrie Irving Traded For Isaiah Thomas.