Falcons ready for homecoming in less than a week


No. 9 quarterback Quentin Davis passing the line of scrimmage to run onto Santa Monica territory. Photo credit: David Jenkins

David Jenkins

The Falcons’ football team defeated Santa Monica 37-7 on Oct. 14 on the turf of the opposition.

Ending the first half with 10-0 and receiving 12 penalties to Santa Monica’s nine.

And an interception by No.3 Devan Burrell, who then ran it 55-yards for a touchdown.

It wasn’t until the second half where the Falcons began to shut out Santa Monica on both offense and defense.

The third quarter ended with a score of 17-0 when No.9 Quentin Davis completed a 3-yard run.

Kicker No.9 Humberto Avila made all five of his kicks, whether it was a for three points in the first quarter or for the extra point in his other four kicks.

And in the fourth quarter the Falcons made sure Santa Monica could not come back when No. 28 Querale Hall drove the ball to make a 5-yard touchdown.

Santa Monica was able to make one touchdown and completing the kick for the extra point in the fourth quarter.

Which the Falcons came back with a touchdown of their own moments later when quarter back No. 11 Isiah Bravo completed an 8-yard pass to No.7 Kevin Ventura-Cortez.

“I felt it was a great team effort, great team win” said Hall, “we kinda struggled in the beginning, went into halftime made a couple adjustments we came out and everybody was on point and we got the job done.”

Head Coach Frank Mazzotta thought the team played good but could improve in certain areas.

“We’re playing good, but we’re young and sloppy. First half we got 12 penalties[…] its hard to imagine that. It was a little lopsided, but we’re still young[…] I was disappointed in those three points in the first quarter[…] but other than that they did good” Mazzotta said.

The falcons now look forward to their next game which will be the homecoming game for Cerritos College where they will go up against Bakersfield who’s current score is 5-1 on Oct. 21.

Falcons will walk into the homecoming game against Bakersfield with a season score of 3-3.

The event will begin at 5 p.m for a pregame reception and the game will start at 7 p.m.