Women’s soccer defense scores with free kick from left side of field — securing win for Cerritos 6-0


Player No.2 Sophie Saouma fighting for possession of the ball against ELAC opponent. Photo credit: Scarled Murillo

Scarled Murillo

The Cerritos College women’s soccer team has received another win, this time against East Los Angeles College. The team won with a final score of 6-0.

The Falcons have a winning streak of six in a row, overall giving them a record of 10-1 for the year so far.

During the first five minutes of the game, defense player No. 3 Mia Ramirez scored the first goal for Cerritos College.

Mid-field Player No.10 Maria Hernandez assisted Ramirez by feeding her the ball into the center of the field.

This gave Ramirez an open opportunity to score against ELAC.

She scored again — making her second goal before the first 10 minutes of the game.

Twenty-two minutes into the game: She scored once more, giving her a total of 14 goals this season.

Defense player No.6 Brianna Yepez scored the last goal of the first half, on the eighth minute of the game. Yepez performed a free kick from the left side of the field and laced a shot that went under the crossbar to make a goal.

People were shocked; they started cheering and stood up after such a difficult goal to accomplish.

These three goals gave Cerritos a great advantage over ELAC.

The Falcons kept possession of the ball most of the game and stayed on ELAC’s territory for the rest of the first half.

During minute 61 of the second half of the game, forward player No. 9 Itzel Ballesteros scored a penalty kick for the Falcons.

The last goal of the game was during the 76th minute of the second half.

Ballesteros assisted by crossing the ball in front of player No. 21 Brittany Reyes. This gave Reyes her eighth goal of the season so far.

Head Coach Ruben Gonzalez said that this was one of the Falcons’ better games — saying that before, they “lacked intensity but today the girls came out hungry.”

He concluded that from a score of 1-10, the women “played at a 7 today” and that he is very proud.

Player No. 21 Brittany Reyes said that they worked better as a team than they have on past games, continuing, “We were more focused on playing smarter than just wanting to score.”

Player No. 25 Tiffany Vargas said, “I believe overall we played well as a team and we didn’t give up. We also had a lot of good passes that gave us the win over ELAC.”

Vargas also explained that she feels more comfortable at home because she knows her field, but what really motivates her are the fans chanting and becoming part of the game.