Women’s basketball beats LA Southwest College, leaving behind their five straight losses


David Jenkins

Sophomore, Angie Ferreira No. 2 dribbles past the defending point guard. Ferreira dished out 3 assists.

Carlos Ruiz

The Cerritos College women’s basketball team broke their five game losing streak, by defeating their opponent Los Angeles Southwest College in a home conference match 65-40.

Coach Kozlowski spoke about getting back in the winning column, “I feel like [losing is] a part of the season. We have a tough schedule for a reason. It’s to get us ready for conference. I think anything is possible right now. We’re just taking it one game at a time.

“I didn’t really like our passing in the second half today,” said Kozlowski, “because anytime in a possession you don’t get a shot, it’s a turnover, you’re giving the other team an opportunity to score and—another possession. I’m always saying 15 [turnovers] and under.”

The team ended with 16 turnovers, one over the coach’s maximum.

Kozlowski described how they stuck to the defensive plan a lot more in this game compared to their previous loss against El Camino. She said the defensive game plan they followed contributed to their win against LA Southwest.

Freshman, Forward/Center No. 33 Miranda Ta’amu believes the team’s composure plays a big role in winning.

According to, Ta’amu, the lack of composure was the reason why they were on a five game losing streak. “Once we learn to have composure all 40 minutes we’re gonna [sic] be a great team,” she said.

Kozlowski said, coming into their games with a lot more positivity also contributes to more victories. “One of the kids in the locker room just said ‘We’re not gonna lose the rest of the year!’ That’s the attitude [we need], so we go into every game wanting to win.”

Ta’amu felt like this was one of her best games of the season so far. She said, “It was a team effort, I wouldn’t have made the shots I [did] if my team [didn’t] pass it to me.”

A personal goal for Ta’amu is to have a double-double every game, not only for her benefit, but to benefit the entire team as a whole. Ta’amu finished the game with 14 points and 11 rebounds.

Sophomore Guard No. 2 Angie Ferreira with a behind the back crossover. Ferreira finished with 7 points. Photo credit: David Jenkins

Sophomore, Point Guard No. 2 Angie Ferreira noted that during their five game losing streak they weren’t working as hard as they should have on the defensive end.

However, she felt as if they worked hard on defense leading to the win. “This game we came out and pressured the entire [40 minutes] and it got us the W,” said Ferreira.

Ferreira said, “We need to slow the ball down and not get out of control when [opponents] pressure us.” She said by slowing the ball down and keeping a composed mindset, it will create an opening for more wins.

Competitiveness during the game is something Ferreira admires, as she uses the clashing moments with her opponents as motivation throughout the game.

Ferreira finished the game with 7 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists.

Freshman, Guard No. 24 Serena Rendon dribbles past the defender for a 2 point chance. Rendon finished the game with 18 points. Photo credit: David Jenkins

Freshman, Guard No. 24 Serena Rendon mentioned that she felt accomplished after breaking their five game losing streak. “I hate losing. I’m probably one of the most competitive [players] on my team. It just makes me [reflect] on the past games, — and what adjustments need to [be made].”

Rendon thinks there are still things the team needs to work on such as, defensive and communication mistakes. She said, “It’s coming step by step, we’re getting better at a lot of those things.”

Although, she finished the game with 18 points and 12 rebounds, Rendon said, she did better on the defensive end as opposed to the offensive end.

Rendon made it clear that her and the team are prepared for their next conference match and also said the team is going in with the same mindset that channeled today’s win.

“[We’re going to] enjoy this win tonight and get ready for Harbor,” said Kozlowski.

The women’s basketball team has their next conference game away against Los Angeles Harbor College on Jan. 26.