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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Falcons swiftly defeats Rio Hondo

Cesar Villa
Freshman third baseman No. 12 Deja Sendejas about to smack the ball. She had one RBI and one BB in the game.

The Cerritos College softball team swiftly defeated Rio Hondo College on Thursday with a blowout score of 10-3.

Head coach Kodee Murray said, “I don’t think we came ready to play the game today.

“We had moments where we stepped up and did some things, but, in everyone of those innings that we did something good, we also created other issues for ourselves.

“Not scoring a winning run in the last inning, because we didn’t know how many outs–their was, things like that that we can do better on,” said Murray.

The game was tied 2-2 in the third inning and it seemed both teams weren’t getting any leeway.

No. 14 center fielder Kayla Aros said, “I think it was a good win, but we came out a little weak and I think we are a stronger team than how we played.

“We all came out a little relaxed, more than we would like but overall we had some good moments,” said Aros.

No. 14 Kayla Aros, second baseman gets ready to swing for a pitch. Aros is in her freshman season. Photo credit: Cesar Villa

Aros also mentioned that No. 10 pitcher Allisyn Udell handled herself very well considering that she hasn’t been pitching many innings, but had pitched four and half innings that game.

It wasn’t until the fifth inning where the momentum picked up for the Falcons.

No. 17 first baseman Keira Bolinas delivered four balls and advanced to first base.

No. 33 Rain Vega sent a ball flying to left field resulting in a single and lead to No. 45 outfielder Melissa Corona (switched out for Bolinas) to take second.

Shortly after, Vega was switched out for No. 13 outfielder Andrea Viallta.

Aros stepped up to the plate only to advance to first base after she got hit by a pitch, which left the bases loaded with Corona at third and Villalta at second.

No. 12 third baseman Deja Sendejas then hit a sacrifice fly ball allowing Corona to make the first run (since the third inning) and it let Villalta and Aros to move up a base.

After that play, No. 23 outfielder Nicoal Magdaleno hit a strong ball down center field which resulted in a double and allowed Villalta and Aros to score another two points, leaving the score at 5-2.

No. 27 Briana Lopez catcher said, “I think I did good–I did whatever the team needed me to do, if they needed me to play third I’d play third, and my coach put me in the outfield and I did my job out there.”

Lopez said that she had played three positions in the game: catcher, outfield and and third baseman, as she has been switching positions almost every game.

She also wants to improve on her batting, specifically in hitting line drives and not “pop ups.”

During the sixth inning Lopez was struck by a pitch and advanced to first base, while Magdaleno was at second base.

Then No. 36 shortstop Tena Spoolstra walked to first base after being delivered four balls.

No. 16 utility Brianna Spoolstra also walked to first base after she was pitched four balls allowing for one point to be made by Magdeleno–also leaving all bases loaded.

Bolinas then stepped up to the plate and after two bad throws the Falcons were able to steal two points leaving the score at 8-2.

In the sixth inning Vega drove in a single and after that Aros walked to first base.

Sendejas was then thrown a bad pitch–meanwhile Vega and Aros stole third and second base, soon after Sendejas walked to first after four balls.

Next Lopez hit a sacrifice fly ball, but allowed Vega to score a point.

Then Tena Spoolstra connected with a hard drive towards left field resulting in a double allowing Aros to score a point and leaving Sendejas at third base.

The game ended at the top of the seventh after the Roadrunners weren’t able to catch up to the Falcons 10-3 lead.

Villalta said, “I think our energy was really low at the beginning, but then again we’ve been playing a lot of games.

“We came to this game not thinking to play hard, but overall we came back into it.”

Villalta also mentioned that both pitchers did well, that they didn’t waver and did what they had to do to win the game.

Murray said, “We have a lot of young players out on our field that are freshman [and] are being asked to do a lot.

“We need to get on a level where we’re playing the same way no matter who our competition is,” concluded Murray.

The Falcons will play again at home on Feb. 22 against Long Beach City College at 3 p.m.

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Falcons swiftly defeats Rio Hondo