Is Isaiah Thomas all in or is he all hype?

Desmond Byrd

Team President Magic Johnson has once again proved that he is sure to bring back a championship caliber team to the Lakers

From being the face of Boston for four years, to only playing several games in a Cleveland and now in the purple and gold, Isaiah Thomas has no problem of being in the spotlight.

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Despite the loss to the Mavericks of 130-123 in Thomas’ debut, it seems the Lakers have found its new point guard.

Thomas had a great debut in the purple and gold, he ended the night with 22 points, six assists, one rebound and six turnovers—in 31 minutes off the bench.

Some would say this was Thomas’ best game this season.

From the field, Thomas went for 58 percent and 50 percent from three-point range.

In the guard’s NBA career he’s averaging 18 points, five assists, two rebounds and one steal.

Los Angeles Lakers organization let go of rising stars Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. for a shorter, hungrier, more experienced point guard to help the younger core.

Thomas looks like he’ll be a perfect fit into Walton’s coaching scheme for the team.

Some would say Thomas’ height is going to be the downfall of his game but the numbers don’t lie. Not too many point guards who are under 6’0″ are likely to make it the league but this guard let his game does most of the talking .

As for Lonzo Ball, who knows this might can be beneficial for his game play on the court. Ball has recently been out the last five games with a knee injury but expects to run to the starting lineup after the All-Star break. Originally, after Magic Johnson consider this team to be centered around Ball, but things can go different if Thomas keeps going on a tear like this.

With Ball averaging 10 points per game, seven assists and seven rebounds, will Johnson and Coach Luke Walton hopes Ball will come back a lot healthier and have a role model to look up to on the court.

In a recent press conference, Thomas said he was tired of being tired and just wants to win an NBA championship.

While in Cleveland, Thomas was referring to the lack of touches he would get in games, the coaching staff of the Cavaliers and mostly the lack of minutes he was getting.

After recently being traded from the Cavaliers to the Lakers, Thomas called this trade “…a fresh start.”

“I wanted to bring something to the table,” Thomas said, “…I felt like I got my powers back playing with this team.”

Even President Magic Johnson wants to be a mentor to the injured rookie which indeed could be great for Ball once he comes off the injury.

“He brings another dimension to what we have,” said Coach Luke Walton.

For all Laker fans, we would love for the franchise to get back to a great season, but we are in the rebuilding stage that almost every pro basketball team goes through before having a championship run season.

After trading Clarkson and Nance Jr., this could be a good thing for the Lakers, because with the new addition of Thomas and Channing Frye, this opens up more cap space for a marquee free agent and room for adjustments for the other Lakers to improve their game.

With Thomas as Ball’s mentor, there’s no doubt in mind that these two can be s threat to defenses, whether you have Ball starting the game or Thomas coming off the bench making the Lakers a force once again.

As the second half of the season starts after the All Star break, we’ll see if Thomas can prove that he’s a force and a new threat for Lakers— and that this was a smart decision for the Los Angeles.

Now for Frye, Walton will make the decision to play him or sit him again for another game.

Starting the game at point guard position for now, Lakers small forward Brandon Ingram (6’9”) will start at point, while Ball is out and Thomas is coming off the bench.