Falcons’ softball team leaves 10 runners stranded on base in loss

Malik Smith

On Thursday the Cerritos College softball team  loss to the El Camino Warriors, 8-1.

After the result of South Coast Conference league game, the Warriors improved their record to 23-6 while the Falcons dropped to 16-11 in the season.

The score however, did not show how close the Falcons were to winning or actually making it a close game.

Both teams ended the game with 10 hits, so it was very unusual for the score to be so lopsided.

Assistant Coach Brendan Ashley commented saying, “We just did not get any timely hits, we did not have the right batter up for the situation or we just hit it straight to them.

“We didn’t get the timely hits, but they did on the other hand so that’s why the lopsided score.”

Falcons just did not hit well while there was runners on base, many times during the game the inning ended with at least two runners on base.

No. 10 Ally Udell came in around the fifth inning to relieve No. 20 Sierra Gerdts.

Udell said her main focus coming in the game was to help any way she could, her and Gerdts are used to helping each other out in times of need.

El Camino had almost double the amount of players Cerritos had.

Depth looked like an issue for the Falcons as they were facing a team with so many players and voices in the dugout.

Although, Udell made the statement “Quality over quantity,” as she feels her team is extremely talented and the amount of players on El Camino’s roster did not effect them.

The Falcons scored their only run in the fifth inning where No. 32 Kayla Hernandez hit a single to bring in No. 36 Tena Spoolstra.

Spoolstra was one of the bright spots of the Falcons offense as she went 4-4.

She said El Camino was good defensively, as her team was as well, stating, “but we left to many runners on base and didn’t capitalize on many situations.”

Spoolstra also mentioned her hitting, she said, when she doesn’t get a hit it makes her very mad so she tries her best to get on base, because she knows she is fast and can get into scoring position easily.

No. 14 Kayla Aros gave some keys on how to move forward from a loss of this magnitude, she said, “We just have to come back better and stronger and stay united as a team, it just wasn’t our day.”

The Falcons are now 4-3 in league play and currently stand in second place behind El Camino (8-0).

The team looks to bounce back in the upcoming home game versus L.A. Harbor College on April 10 at 3 p.m.

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