Falcons volleyball falls to Fullerton College

Christopher Martinez, Staff Writer

Cerritos Falcons struggled throughout the game yet were still able to force a fifth set.

Looking disoriented and not as a team through the first two sets the Falcons came back in the fourth and fifth set but couldn’t kill the final volley losing the fifth set 18-16 and losing the game 3-2.

Head coach Kari Hemmerling had her impressions on the teams first game of the season, “First match of the year was pretty good, a lot of nerves. You can tell it’s the first game; it was a little sloppy, but they started to clean it up about halfway through to the second match.”

The Falcons started the first set with no organization and communication losing the first set 15-25.

“Towards the beginning we played a little off, but started playing really good as the game went on,” Lizbeth Vega freshman defensive specialist said after the game.

TM Christopher Martinez
Brooke Winquist spiking the ball in the first set.

Heading into the second set the Falcons picked up some steam playing with more confidence in themselves and communicating on both offense and defense.

Hemmerling told her team at the end of the first set, “We just gotta stay aggressive, just serve and pass, play our pace and if not try to set our own pace.”

The Falcons played harder in the second losing the set 24-26 nearly winning the set.

The third set was a proving point and a test to just how well the team can play together being that volleyball is a game played best out of five it came down to the third set being the decider.

“At the beginning it was a little rough we weren’t communicating, but towards the third and the fourth and a little of the fifth we were definitely talking a little bit more and then at the end of the fifth we just lost some of the momentum,” said Regan Stanton Sophomore outside hitter.

The Falcons were able to take third set winning 23-25.

In the fourth set with the game on the line Hemmerling made this message very clear: “They just have to get through it the beautiful thing about volleyball is that its a best out of five game, so you don’t have to win one game, you have to win all three.”

Vega knew what the team needed going into the fourth “Be able to finish, we needed to push towards the end we need to learn that but i think we learned how to work together.”

Cerritos prevailed in the fourth set 25-19.

TM Christopher Martinez
Brooke Winquist blocking at the net.

Hemmerling noted that team played well as a unit but “I’ve kinda seen themselves doubt themselves a bit and playing a little more careful than aggressive.” which is something Hemmerling wants the team to work on.

TM Christopher Martinez
Coach Hemmerling talking to her team during a time out.

The Falcons will take on West Los Angeles college at West Los Angeles Sept. 05.