Falcons acquire second win of the season against Moorpark College


Carlos Ruiz

Sophomore running back No. 3, Rhamondre Stevenson ran for 200 yards against Moorpark College’s defense. Stevenson ran through Moorpark’s defensive line with the hole the Cerritos offensive line created, before shortly running out of bounds at Moorpark College on Sept. 8.

Christopher Martinez and Carlos Ruiz

Cerritos Falcons faced off against the Moorpark Raiders on Sept. 8 in what turned out to be a snap for the four year losing streak as the Falcons top the Raiders 31-10.

Within the will of both teams were on display as the quarter ended 14-7, Cerritos on top.

Head coach Dean Grosfeld said, “I think our defense played awesome and I think our offensive line played really well. We got some really great talent, we just have to make some adjustments. ”

As the first quarter came to a close there was a glimpse of what the second quarter could hold which included: penalties, good defense and hard hits.

TM Carlos Ruiz
Sophomore running back No. 3, Rhamondre Stevenson ran in a 78 yard touchdown after his o-line created a big hole.

Sophomore running back No. 3, Rhamondre Stevenson, felt the team played great saying, “I had a few big runs in the first half, but again, that’s all my O-line, they opened huge holes for me untouched[sic].”

Stevenson recorded 200 rushing yards against the Raider defense.

He also ran in a 78 yard touchdown after his offensive live cleared a path for him to push through.

Sophomore starting quarterback No. 11, Isaiah Bravo, went out with an injury in the second quarter.

Bravo went off the field with 47 passing yards.

Grosfeld said, “Having our quarterback go down is a big deal.”

He continued, “We lost our number two quarterback last week so losing two quarterbacks in two weeks is really tough, but I think the kids responded really well.”

At the half, Falcons lead 24-10, both teams were playing equally on defense and offense.

The third quarter was the difference maker as both teams came out of the half time break ready to play efficient football.

Stevenson felt his team came out of the halftime fired up.

“We played great, O-line played great, defense was flying around, it was a good win for us.” Stevenson said.

Falcons held the Raiders to 10 points and the Falcons tacked on seven more in the quarter for a score of 31-10.

As the game came to a close, Cerritos looked dominant in the fourth quarter, with freshman quarterback No. 12, Chris Ramsey in to substitute the injured Bravo.

Ramsey said, “Injuries suck… one guy goes down, the next guy has to step up.”

He felt like he did a good job on the field, saying “It’s tough to always be behind somebody and then have to step in.

“We absolutely dominated the ball on defense, and offense played really well, our O-line absolutely dominated the whole game.”

Freshman running back No. 25, Carl Odom felt like he performed well along with his team saying, “we’re only going to get better.”

Odom said, “We haven’t been able to beat these guys in the past and we just wanted to come out and make a statement.”

TM Carlos Ruiz
Head coach Dean Grosfeld in the midst of speaking to his offensive team. Grosfeld led his team to the second victory of the season at Moorpark College on Sept. 8.

Grosfeld said, “When you could run a football for 200 yards you are gonna win a game. Once we got that going it really settled everyone down.”

The Falcons beat the Raiders for a final score of 31-10 the first time they have won this team since 2014 and the first time in three years they open the season 2-0.

Grosfeld said, “Four out of five years I think our kids knew they beat themselves.

“They were a little bit more relaxed and played like themselves tonight because we knew if we weren’t going to turn the ball over, if we weren’t going to make mistakes, we were going to be fine.”

Grosfeld says the team will be okay based on the injuries the team faced these past two weeks.

“We have another big trip, but if we can play dense and run the ball we will be fine,” Grosfeld said.

He continued, “We just have to see who is healthy and I won’t see that til Monday because that’s when they see the doctors.”

The Falcons are looking to improve their 2-0 start to the season with another victory.

The last time the team opened the season 3-0 was in the 2010 season.

The Falcons will go up against College of the Desert in an away match-up on Sept. 15 with both teams playing after a win.