Under the Radar: UFC Submits its way into mainstream sports

Christopher Martinez

Ultimate fighting Championships has taken the organized fighting for the past two decades and has no intentions of slowing down.

The UFC offers a more diverse of fighters offering more than just boxing and many different personalities in fighters from all walks of the world men or women.

The UFC originated as a single, eight-man elimination called “war of the worlds” in which eight fighters from different fighting disciplines square off against one another in a no-hold-barred fight.

The different fighting styles such as karate, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jujitsu to name a few had caught the eye of spectators who are used to the common boxing match.

Fights in the UFC take on a whole different training plan and strategy compared to boxing.

Fighters have to fight different fighting styles that either they do not practice themselves, or have to study the fighting style, learn how to defend themselves and beat their opponent.

Another factor that appealed to fans to the sport in the earlier days was the tag line, “there are no rules” threw the first few fights this was true until a few years into the early years of the sport, where the UFC started to operate on just a few rules.

The rules that were introduced to prevent permanent damage to a fighter and to forbid moves that do not pertain to any fighting style are biting and eye gouging, but allowed hair pulling, head-butting, groin strikes and fish-hooking which is hooking a finger into a fighters mouth and pulling into their cheek.

In recent years it is the the different characters that have graced the mat of the UFC including the “Notorious” Conor Mcgregor an Irish fighter that brings an outspoken and charismatic personality and introduced the world to the money walk.

This is a walk he does after a win and a part of his ring entrance where he struts, rolling his shoulders and arms with every step.

Another fighter who has the ability to connect with the crowd effortlessly is Jon “Bones” Jones who in the past was a rising star in the sport up until recent years has had run ins with drug issues and with banned chemicals in his system.

He just recently had this issue in December of 2018, where a microscopic percentage of a performance enhancing steroid was found in his blood stream.

This typically ends in suspension, but in this case, he was allowed to fight and was riddle with negative feedback by fans and his opponent.

The sport is still on the rise winning the hearts of boxing fans for all the flashy maneuvers, mixture of fighting styles and the different chokes that can be done by grappling.

Boxing has now stepped into the shadow of the UFC and boxing is on a downfall, especially with the rise of a whole different female fighters stepping into the ring and dominating more than the men in their respective weight classes.

The UFC can submit any other organized fighting organization based on promotion and sponsorship alone.