Cerritos College Loses over Cypress College


#3 Sierra Hernandez-Hardy Photo credit: Abel Montoya

Abel Montoya, Staff Writer

The Cerritos College Volleyball girls team obtained their second consecutive loss against Cypress College with a score of 3-1 on Sept. 04 2019.

During the first set, the Falcons Volleyball girls took the lead with a score of 18-25, but something happened in the team that in the next sets they loosened the pace.

The third and fourth set things remained the same for the Falcons. The third set was the set that was the lowest level of Cerritos College where coach Kari Hemmerling tried to make changes in her strategy but the rival team came out with a different lineup than expected and ended up confusing the Falcons.

Sophomore Brooke Winquist was leading the team with 11 kills, followed by the dynamic duo of the Sophomores No. 13 Alexia Torres and No. 3 Sierra Hernandez-Hardy that made 13 kills. The sophomore Mirka Granoble that plays as setter she had an amazing personal performance, she did four kills and 31 assists. Seven other Falcons Girls did one kill, even due to this numbers Cerritos College could not win the game.

When the head coach Hemmerling was asked about what happened in the sets that they lost, she commented, “The other team switches up their line up and they got a little more confidence and they made just nice plays you know, and we could not find our track.” Coach Hemmerling stated.

The head coach Kira Hemmerling says that to get back in the track they will need a little more practice. As well coach Hemmerling added that “we had a weird week, we had the boom threat was going on during our practice time.” She later said that she gave Monday off because they did good on Friday and they deserve a day off. Head coach Hemmerling describes that “we didn’t get the practice that you get this week so looking at the big picture, we did a pretty good job competing.” She ended.

The MVP from Cerritos Sophomore No. 12 Brooke Winquist that plays outside hitter was asked about her individual performance, which she said, “It was okay, it could it be better, it can always be better. Demonstrating that she is not satisfied even when she did a good match.

The sophomore No. 2 Mirka Granoble that plays as setter talked about their team performance, she said, “We started playing very strong, but we started playing as individuals, we started getting in our heads but we learn that next time playing, we have to pick it up. Overall I give it a D our performance.” In order to get better next time as a team, we have to communicate better.” Mirka Concluded.

Cerritos Volleyball girls team in the next game will be playing at home at 6:00 p.m. on Friday against Santiago Canyon College.