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California to earn money in 2023?

Jonathan Gonzalez, Staff Writer

This is a game changer

The California Assembly and Senate passed California Senate Bill 206 that would allow NCAA Athletes in California to earn money while competing in their respective sports.

The debate on whether college athletes should be allowed to gain profit has been debated for years, but now falls in the hands of Governor Gavin Newsom.

The NCAA is strongly against the idea of college athletes being paid because they believe it is “unconstitutional.”

They believe the law being instated in California will clearly give them the advantage in recruiting compared to other NCAA universities across the country.

Many athletes coming out of high school choose to play overseas instead of going to a NCAA university because they believe it’s corrupt being restricted the opportunity to earn money through their name.

NBA All-Star Draymond Green expressed his excitement of the bill being passed on Twitter, “Finally we are making some progress and getting this thing right. Kids going to sleep hungry, can’t afford anything yet these universities are profiting off those same kids. “SIGN IT!!” Green tweeted.

NBA Superstar Lebron James also expressed his content with the law being passed on Twitter, “This law is a game changer.”College athletes can responsibly get paid for what they do and the billions they create,” tweeted James.

The NCAA has a strict policy in not allowing these college athletes to earn money through their image or name.

An example is with NBA star Zion Williamson, out of Duke University. He has been widely known around the country and many people have bought his jersey from Duke, but he was not allowed to gain profit from these purchases.

Many athletes want this change to occur, because the university is in full control of all earnings without this law. The athletes earn the universities millions of dollars and do not receive a single cent.