Women’s soccer closer to conference


Women’s soccer obtained the lead over Mt. San Antonio Mounties on Oct. 29, 2019. They are set to play El Camino on Nov. 5, 2019. Photo credit: Quinae Austin

Quinae Austin

After playing a close game on Oct. 29 against the Mt. San Antonio Mounties, who are highly ranked in Division III, Cerritos College women’s soccer team takes the win 2-1.

With only five games left until the South Coast Conference, this win for the Falcons is not optional because they are now finally above standing with the Mounties, 10-5-2, 2-2-0.

The Falcons; 9-4-2,2-1-0; allowed Mt. San Antonio to score a goal in the 24th minute, but within three minutes of the Mounties’ goal, the Falcons tied the game with footwork from Freshman Aubree Stevens, no.20, who sent a corner kick to Sophomore no.13 Nia Thompson on a set-piece.

They gained some ground in the game, Thompson being able to jump the highest and head the ball in the net gave the Falcons a chance at some confidence for a win.

Ending the first half tied, it was evident that the Falcons had to use some different tactics for their chance at the playoffs.

When asked how they were doing so far assistant coach Ana Ramirez stated, “First half was a bit slow, they’re warming up now.”

In the second half, Falcons came out with a plan to win and played with determination.

Mt. San Antonio didn’t seem ready for how the ladies came back with so much aggression.

“I’m excited that we are coming together as a team, Ruben expects so much from us because he knows our abilities,” Sophomore Nia Thopmpson states, “He pushes us hard because he knows we are all great athletes.”

Freshman Samantha Martinez who earned game point within only two minutes into the second half, steals the ball, kicking it to Sophomore no.10 Valeria Corrilo.

With so much time left, they had to keep up the momentum to take the win.

With the Falcons gaining two saves near the end of the game by Freshman no.00, Lisa Cisneros was able to hold Mt. San Antonio where there were.

According to Head Coach Ruben Gonzalez, “We got lucky.”

“The ladies are finding sync which is good,” said Coach Brent Whitfield, “But lots of silly mistakes were made today, mistakes that cannot happen with five games left until playoffs.”

The ladies earned their win against highly ranked Mounties.

The ladies will be playing on Nov. 5 against El Camino.