Off The Field: Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer answers to no one but himself


Kirthmon F. Dozier, Detroit Free Press

Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer pitches against the Tigers during the seventh inning of the Tigers’ 4-0 win in Game 2 of the doubleheader at Comerica Park on Sunday, August 2, 2020.

Isaiah Lonvelin, Staff Writer

Trevor Bauer is an American starting pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, and for the past two years has been posting content that has brought a lot of viewership to him and Major League baseball.

He is quickly becoming a fan favorite in the baseball community with his behind the scenes looks and promoting of the game on his YouTube channel and social media.

Fans of baseball can go to his channel Momentum and watch behind the scenes looking at him and other professional baseball players’ lives, hear them share stories of their journey to the major league, and share their craft to other viewers to enjoy.

His channel has accumulated over 86.2K subscribers and has a total of 100k views per video. There is a plethora of content that is being shared to the world and he is one of the professional athletes that is posting consistent videos.

Being a professional athlete and YouTuber, Trevor Bauer has gained notoriety over the past year, but also had controversy for it.

Trevor Bauer is know to be more outspoken then anyone in the MLB and because of this has gained major backlash for his rants and on the-field antics.

On August 19, Trevor had custom cleats, which MLB approved of players wearing, but Trevor’s had the saying “Free Joe Kelly” a player who was suspend for allegedly throwing at batters.

The MLB commissioner threatened to suspend Trevor if he was going to wear the custom cleats that night. Trevor Bauer then took the time to announce to Twitter what a big hypocrite the commissioner was to not allow him to wear his cleats after giving the okay to players to wear custom cleats.

Trevor Bauer is not afraid to be outspoken and that is why fans of baseball have already labeled him as the voice of baseball.

In the YouTube comments you can see how fans congratulate him, and tell him when he retires to become the new commissioner of baseball.

Baseball is being pushed towards more younger viewers and Trevor Bauer knows this. He always reminds his viewers that he is doing YouTube for fans of the game and to get more people to watch baseball.

His channel not only shows him but also helps promote other players on his channel, those who are being looked over and not in the spotlight like many other athletes in different sports.

He is big on players being supported in the game, and being recognized since in his view the MLB is not doing a good job on player recognition.

Over the past two years since starting his channel he is the most recognized player in the game, and other players from different organizations have respect for what he has accomplished.

Ask any baseball fan who Trevor Bauer is and they will tell you, because he is leaving a big impact for today’s generation of baseball fans.

Who knows, we could see more athletes in the game join YouTube.