Off The Field: Stop scaring your players with vaccines and policies


Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune/TNS

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver talks during events at NBA All-Star weekend on February 15, 2020, at the United Center in Chicago.

Keanu Ruffo, Sports Editor

Despite the NBA being front runners to get the COVID-19 vaccine first, games still need to be played inside a bubble and not forcing players to get vaccined .

The NBA did a solid job of controlling COVID and also set a perfect example to other sports leagues along with the MLB why games should be played in a bubble.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver and his staff have conducted expanded talks with teams, players, and agents about crafting a policy to manage widespread use of COVID-19 vaccines around the league.

Multiple COVID-19 vaccines are in final stages of approval, and the NBA could find itself as the first major professional North American sports league to manage widespread distribution for players and coaches.

It’s hard to understand a policy is being made already yet the vaccine was first distributed just two weeks ago.

Health officials and doctors are barely observing how this vaccine works and its side effects and you already want to put this vaccine in your coaches and players.

It’s way too early for vaccine distributions to any sports leagues. The NBA is better off without vaccines and Silver’s future policy right now.

The league has been focusing on a few key areas that include an educational program for players and staff about vaccine choices, possible side effects and efficacy with the intent to put players at ease so they are willing to receive the vaccine.

The process is in its earliest stages, and some players have already expressed hesitation about the vaccine to their agents and team doctors.

The players and the world deserve to know if the vaccine works and what to expect. We need answers and we need them now!

Some unanimous players however have expressed interest in taking the vaccine. Maybe these players can be the peoples’ test dummies to see what the side effects are and how they manage to recover from it.

Between the season restart this summer and the start of this season’s training camp, the NBA announced around 100 positive tests for players and staff.

Silver’s plan is to keep the numbers small throughout the new COVID season and hopes all teams will be comfortable receiving the vaccine as the season goes.